1.If the product is defective or has quality problems?

Ans.Please contact our customer service and we will guide you how to do it by email. Thanks.

2. Do you have EMI (monthly installment) system?

Ans. Right now, we don't have EMI system, But we will have it soon. 

3.Can I choose another payment method?

Ans. Right now, We only support PayPal payments, we will have other payment methods soon.

4.If we return the product, do we need to pay the shipping fee? 

Ans: If you return the product for no reason then you must have to pay the shipping fee. But you need to return the product for product defects then you won't have to pay the shipping fee. 

5.Can we return the product if there are any issues?

Ans: Yes, we have 30-day return policy. you can return the product anytime in 30 day. 

6.Who is responsible for import duties on goods?

Ans: The import duty of the goods is borne by us, and you do not need to bear it. Thanks

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