The Story Behind The Epoxy Table

The Story Behind The Epoxy Table


Amber freezes the passage of time, leaving behind a clear but thought-provoking life of beauty that we don't care about. As a child, I naively thought that if we also had the ability to freeze the beautiful moments of life, or freeze the things we like....until we encounter resin.

In the earliest days, resin was only applied to some small living objects, which was exquisite and distinctive. Slowly, until it met the carpenter, she began to appear in our lives in various ways and in the public eye.

When I saw the resin table for the first time, I was stunned. He didn't look like a piece of furniture. He had his own soul. It was a unique landscape. It was the soul given to him by the carpenter. of fine-grained beauty.

Looking at these exquisite resin furniture, it seems that the innocent child's voice rings in my ears: "Dad, look! What is this?"......

Life is so long and so short. Mr. Yang Jiang once said in his book, "The good things in the world are not firm, and the colorful clouds are easy to disperse and the glass is brittle." Do you capture and keep those beautiful moments? ,

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